The development of the driverfs assist -equipment by the extraction of the road sign

The appearance of the traffic sign is quite different if we compare the person who has good eyesight with one who has minimum eyesight of the driver's license standard, presbyopia or the person of the juvenile cataract. We propose a driving support system which can augment the driverfs eyesight. For this purpose, a road sign is extracted from the picture taken during driving and its image is processed to show clearly on the head-up or head mounted displays in order to make it easy to see for the driver with poor eyesight.


Image taken by the digital camera, which was placed in front of the car, was processed and the traffic sign was extracted, The extracted traffic sign is newly rendered on the HMD screen.

A.Sakamoto, M.Yamada: Development of the Driver support system extracting traffic road signs, MJISAT2007, Kualalumpur(2007)