Research on Multimedia and Intelligent Information Processing
Mitsuho Yamada, Prof. Dr. ENG Department of Information. Media Tech., TOKAI University
Main Research Topics
Yamada Laboratory

The  21st century is called the cerebral century.
By examining the mechanism of the human brain, we can develop a more flexible system of control than the conventional one and also an interface. It is possible to make use of this for the early diagnosis of brain diseases such as dementia.
The eyes are “the windows of the mind,” in the words of the Japanese proverb.  At our laboratory, we study how  visual information is processed and understood by examining the movement the ophthalmography of the eyes when they view or look at certain objects.Based on the above research, we are studying a method of producing an easy-to-understand TV program and Internet home page, the development of a diagnostic technique for dementia and to clarify the skill that the practician accomplishes his/her work skillfully by analyzing their eye movementsWe are also developing three-dimensional TV and studying three-dimensional human vision by analyzing the binocular eye movements.  

・Wireless Eye Movement Analyser
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☆Research on information-processing mechanisms in humans
A System for Measuring Gaze Movement and Hand Movement Simultaneously for Hand-Held Devices
Oculomotor abilities and visual characteristics in relationship to a rapidly moving picture
Analysis of the dependence of accommodation and convergence on the display method when a target moves in the depth direction
Eye Movement while Reading E-books
Proposal of a new analysis way of gaze in the sport
Research on dementia,  neurotic diagnoses using the eyes
Study on incongruence between binocular images when gazing at the rim of a column with equiluminance random dots
☆Research on next-generation information media
Analysis of gaze movement when changing viewing distance and viewing position
Research on multi-media expression and creation of technology that is kind to viewers and also the producers
・Research on the technology of high reality multimodal and three-dimensional displays on such as the five senses: the sense of touch,  the sense of smell …
Modeling lip movements and extracting of the contents of speech

Development of a speech training system by lip movements
Development of equipment to assist drivers by extracting road sign information


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